Hopewell Valley Stampede

  • Final oxen auctioned at The Year of the Ox Gala

The Year of the Ox Gala

Thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered, or otherwise supported our Gala fundraiser. We were thrilled with the engagement of our guests with the artists, chefs, oxen, and dancers! The spirit and sense of community at The Year of the Ox was heartwarming, and it was truly a night to remember!

The proceeds from the online and live auctions of Stampede oxen have raised over $100,000 to launch the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, and our mission of supporting and celebrating art in the everyday. We are greatly indebted to our artists and sponsors for believing in this initiative and partnering with us to bring The Stampede to fruition, and the arts into greater focus in our community. We look forward to further partnerships, creativity and fun!

Check out this Stampede Finale Video by video journalist John Bauwen!

Thanks for your support

We’d like to thank all the online auction bidders for the 33 oxen that were sold in October. The final auction tally was $73,581! This money, along with the funds raised at the ‘Ox’tion Gala in January, will be used to fund future Arts Council programs and exhibitions and bring you more art in the everyday!