Hopewell Valley Stampede

  • The Year of the Ox continues!
  • See all 68 oxen!
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  • Play our "Where's Olly?" game to find all the oxen

And The Stampede moves on…

The Stampede exhibit is officially over, though some oxen will still graze in place until they find their way to new pastures, and a few will remain in their current locations on the grounds of their sponsors. It seems like just yesterday the excitement began with a herd of beautiful oxen spreading out through the Valley to welcome everyone home from their summer travels. Sadly, all wonderful things do come to an end. We’d like to thank all the online auction bidders. The final tally was $73,581! This money, along with the funds raised at the ‘Ox’tion Gala in January, will be used to fund future Arts Council programs and exhibitions.

Stampede Finale was a great Celebration of art in the everyday

Live music and food trucks, recognition of award winning Stampede artists and winners of the online auction filled the afternoon with fun and excitement at Hopewell Elementary School on October 19. Winning bids are posted on the pages with the oxen that were part of the online auction.

Still want one?  After a straggler joined the herd on Sunday, eleven special oxen have been selected for the Year of the Ox live auction and gala to be held at Grounds for Sculpture on January 24, 2015. Stay tuned to learn where this herd will reside until the Gala takes place. Not sure what you would do with one? Here are some suggestions

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