Hopewell Valley Stampede

And they’re off! After much planning and preparation by local artists and sponsors, a herd of 68 painted, decorated, and embellished life-sized oxen will grace fields, sidewalks, roadsides and other locations throughout Hopewell Valley through October 19. While many of the oxen are already in place along roadways, at municipal buildings, and in front of businesses, others will continue to join the Stampede during the coming weeks. 

The oxen are not only part of the biggest public art exhibit to ever come to Hopewell Valley, but many of these magnificent works of art will be available for purchase! Most will be part of an online auction, which begins on September 19. Ten special oxen will be selected for the live auction and gala to be held at Grounds for Sculpture on January 24.

This website is your guide to the Stampede. Here you’ll find maps, activities, events, and information about the oxen, artists and sponsors. Check back frequently for updates throughout the Stampede!

Oxen out to pasture

Some of the Stampede oxen need to be removed from their exhibit locations from time to time for repairs. Here is a list of oxen currently removed from the exhibit:

QR Codes

Each ox has a unique QR code on its plaque. For those of you who have been asking, all of the QR codes are now installed! To date we have over 200 people registered to play “Where’s Olly?”. Join the fun by creating your Stampede Account, and you’re on your way!