Hopewell Valley Stampede

  • The Year of the Ox continues!
  • Meet Indigene!
  • See all 69 oxen!

’OX’TION GALA comes to Grounds for Sculpture, January 24, 2015

Still want to own an ox?  After a straggler joined the herd, eleven special oxen have been selected for the Year of the Ox live auction and gala to be held at Grounds for Sculpture on January 24, 2015.  Be sure to go visit this herd while you can, on display at The Pennington School (corner of Delaware Avenue and Burd Street) until the ‘Ox’tion takes place. Not sure what you would do with one? Here are some suggestions

Thanks for your support

We’d like to thank all the online auction bidders for the 33 oxen that were sold in October. The final auction tally was $73,581! This money, along with the funds raised at the ‘Ox’tion Gala in January, will be used to fund future Arts Council programs and exhibitions and bring you more art in the everyday!

Join us for Stampede Sundays

On January 4 and January 11, Stampede artists will speak at 3pm at the Pennington Public Library. Join the Arts Council, the library staff, and our special artists for an interesting and engaging conversation about their art and the oxen they created for the Stampede.