Olly the Orthopaedic Ox

This ox is owned by its sponsor.

Artist:   Elizabeth Keating

Sponsor:   Trenton Orthopaedic Group

Artist's Design Statement

Being both sponsored and employed by Trenton Orthopaedic Group, the design of my ox is an Orthopaedic-inspired two-sided piece; one side displaying the musculoskeletal system and the other side the bone structure of an ox. I wanted my design to display the many procedures and devices an Orthopaedic practice uses to help the human body properly heal.

I used paint brushes and acrylic paint to complete the ox as well as a Scotch Cast Plus fiberglass long leg cast with Rust-oleum leak seal flexible rubber coating for extra weather resistance. On the musculoskeletal side I painted a cervical collar and knee brace, which are commonly used to treat muscle ailments, a medical medusa symbol and The Living Orthopaedic Tree. A long leg cast has been applied to Olly’s right hind leg.

On the bone structure side I included a few painted Orthopaedic replacement pieces on the shoulder, hip, and knee areas, as well as a few plates and screws to demonstrate some of the many procedures used to mend worn joints and correct broken bones. 

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Current Grazing Spot

Trenton Orthopaedic Group, 116 Washington Crossing Pennington Road, Pennington

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